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Most of the resources here were put together by me (TB) to be educational resources for students and collectors. Some of the links are not directly related to Trajan because I wanted to include resources from my original site that I thought might be of interest. Some sites take you to my old site, so in order to return here, you need to use the BACK button.



Some of these links will take you to my old website. Press the back key to return here.
  • Early spread of coin making - Interactive java map of the westward expansion of coin production in the Mediterranean (off site)
  • The Spread of Greek and Phoenician Colonies - another interactive Java map. Magna Graecia - Greek Italy and islands - map and coins (off site)
  • Greek coin types - From the dishekel to 1/48th stater. All coins scanned on the same magnification so that relative sizes remain accurate. There is a jpg image that links to a much larger pdf document for download.
  • Gods depicted on Greek coins - another jpg image linking to a large pdf document. Coin images come from my collection and submissions to my old website.
  • Magna Graecia - Coins and maps of Greek and Phoenician colonies around Italy

General Interest

  • Tips for new collectors - first published in 2000 and slightly updated in 2017.
  • Featured coins - Coins of particular interest. I used to have a "Coin of the Month" feature on my previous site. These were a mix of Roman and Greek coins.
  • Astronomical Symbols on Ancient Coins - The night sky was so much more a part of the lives of ancient people than it today. A short essay on the topic that I wrote at the turn of the milllenium.


  • Ancient Coins for Education - Educational not-for-profit with the aim of getting uncleaned Roman coins into the hands of students. I worked with them for many years and visited Latin classes at White Station High School in Memphis.
  • Roman Provincial Coins III - Online guide to coins from Nerva through Hadrian.
  • - A boat load full of informational/educational sites about ancient coins.
  •  Vcoins -  The premier vendor market for ancient coin sales
  • MA-Shops - another vendor market with mainly European sellers
  • My coin sculpting site - I got carried away with the beauty of these coins so I started using wood and plaster to create reproductions.

Auction Sites

Sixbid, Biddr, and Numisbids - These sites contain many important upcoming auctions. There is a lot of overlap, but each does have some that do not appear on the other. Just do a search for your collecting interest and it will search all of the auctions. I do not recommend using "Trajan" as a keyword!

Coin Databases

    Coin A searchable database of catalog sales - Over 51,000 coins and prices realized.
    Wildwinds This is a truly amazing searchable catalogue of Ancient coins. The late Dave Suber made attribution of ancients fun and easy. Dane Kurth continues this tradition.
    Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. A very fine dealer site with extensive searchable archives of high quality coins, prices realized, and informative articles.
    ANS Database. American Numismatic Society. One of the most extensive online search engines.


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